Yeshurun’s Chatanim for 5775

I am delighted to advise the community that our Chatanim for 5775 are Adam Tash (Chatan Torah) and Simon Sefton (Chatan Bereshit).

Both Adam and Simon have given many years of devoted service to our Kehilla with Adam having been involved in our youth and latterly young marrieds and the Yeshurun Evening Sem program together with Hashkoma Board liaison; Simon has spent much time in overseeing the increasingly important security portfolio on the Board and is our point of liaison with the CST.

We wish both Chatanim together with their families “Mazal Tov” and I look forward to notifying you in the coming weeks how we will be celebrating with them during Sukkot and Simchat Torah.

Very shortly, I will also be announcing the Chatanim and N’Shei Chayall for the youth service.

David Son – President