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We are a orthodox congregation in Central Edgware, UK, welcoming Jews of all orthodox observance levels.

Constituent of the Federation of Synagogues in the UK.

December 2022
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Sunday 8th July – British Museum Tour

On Sunday 8th July there will be a tour of the British Museum in preparation for the 3 weeks, to gain a deeper and more meaningful perspective on the three weeks.

Travel back in time through the British Museum with Mrs Shoshana Tugendhaft, to experience the four very different cultures that first subdued and then attempted to absorb the eternal people. Surround yourself with artefacts hailing from a glorious past and imagine the long journey of our people through Babylon, Persia, Greece and Rome.

Tickets can be booked at

Shabbat 23rd June – Lunch Nshei Chayil

To honour the Nshei Chayil, Renee Preston and Stacey Taylor we will be holding a special celebratory communal luncheon Shabbat 23rd June. Presentations will be made to the Nshei Chayil will be made during the meal. Tickets for the lunch can be ordered at


Yeshurun will be having a Tikun Leil program on the first night of Yom Tov, followed by a an early Shacharit. In addition there will be a ladies shiur on the first day.

First Night, 19th May 8:30 pm Mincha 9:00 pm Guest Speaker: Rabbi Daniel Beider 12:00 am Tikun Leil Shavuos with Seth Belson, Rabbi Alan Lewis, Rabbi Benji Landau and Guest Speaker Rabbi Daniel Beider Rabbi Daniel Beider: After attending Hasmonean, Daniel studied at Kol Torah Yeshiva in Israel. He went on to read law at Cambridge University. Upon graduating, he embarked upon an eight-year stint as investment banker. Daniel and his family moved to Israel, where, for the last 12 years, he has become a popular educator and speaks regularly on a wide range of topics, alongside his business ventures. 3:20 am Early Shacharit First Day, 20th May 9:15 Shacharit – main service 9:30 YAM 10:45 Children’s service (approximately) 5:00 Ladies Tikun with afternoon tea, “Rabbi and Student; the relationship” 8:45 Minchah, followed by short shiur 9:15 Maariv Second Day, 21st May 9:15 Shacharit – main service 9:30 YAM 10:45 Children’s service (approximately) 10:45 Yizkor (approximately) 8:50 Minchah 10:02 Maariv



Tuesday 24 April 2018 at 8.30pm – Edmonton Cemetery: A History

Following the successful launch of the Federation’s history of Edmonton Cemetery, join Rebbetzin Aviva Landau as she presents exclusive, unpublished material from the Federation archives and tells the tales of the legendary cemetery.

The rabbi who sang the national anthem for the queen, the Chief Rabbi appointment that was not meant to be, the unusual legacy of a childless couple, the lone Canadian World War One soldier and the orator whose vast audiences required police control … all of these stories and more lie between the quaint rows of Edmonton Cemetery.

Pesach: Timetable, Sale of Chamtez & Hagalat Kelim

Key dates / activities as we prepare for Pesach below, together with forms for sale of Chametz, Pesach timetable and Pesach guide.

Sunday 25th March 2:00pm – 6:00pm Hagalat Kelim Monday 26th & Tuesday 27th 7:45pm – 9:00 pm Sale of Chametz Thursday 29th March after 8:15pm Search for Chametz Friday 30th March 10:22am Finish eating Chametz Friday 30th March 11:43am Chametz to be burnt by

Forms for sale of Chametz

Pesach Guide 5778

Pesach Times 5778

24th March – Shabbat Hagadol Communal Lunch

Looking to avoid cooking on Shabbat Hagadol, just when you are looking to get ready for Pesach, or just looking to catch up with everyone before you go away for Pesach. On Shabbat Hagadol, 24th March, Yeshurun will be holding a communal lunch at Yeshurun. Please book your tickets below.



Save The Date: 28th February Purim Generation Game & 24th March Shabbat HaGadol lunch.

Please save the following dates in your calendar, more details to follow.

Wednesday 28th February: Purim Generation Game extravaganza

Shabbat 24th March: Shabbat HaGadol lunch

Sunday 18th February – Siyum Hashas for Dayan Lopian ZTL

There will be a Siyum Hashas, for men and women, held at Yeshurun on Sunday 18th February at 8pm, in memory of Dayan Lopian ZTL. This is being held in conjunction with Kollel Beis Aharon.

The guest speaker is Reb Yehudah Leib Wittler of Ohr Yisroel, Manchester.

A £7.00 donation is requested. Reservations can be made at, emailing or texting 07805 760 780

3rd February – New Minyan

On 3rd February Yeshurun will start a new minyan which will be once a month, focused on providing a quiet and focussed davening environment. The minyan will be held monthly, at 9:30am upstairs in the Nathan Sadick Hall.

19th December – Chanukah Roadshow

Come an enjoy an evening with 3 mini-shiurim from 3 Rabbis at 3 venues. L’chaims and doughnuts will be served.

Date: Tuesday 19th December

Time: 8:30pm


Stuart & Hilarie Ifield, 22 Dukes Avenue HA8 7RX Adam & Juliette Tash. 40 Park Grove HA8 7SJ Mark & Carolyn Addleman, 18 Hillersdon Avenue HA8 7SQ


R’ Zvi Marmorstein – Kollel Beis Aharon R’ Daniel Fine – Stanmore Synagogue R’ Ilan Halberstadt – Nefesh Ha’Torah