Further holochos of which Shul a person should choose to davan at 30/12/2015

  • The Mogain Avrohom (commentary to the Shulchan Oruch) explains that it is a Mitzvah to davan at a Shul that is at a considerable distance from your home (and not necessarily at a holy establishment that you merely full out of bed and you find yourself in your seat in Shul [my words incidentally]). The reason for this is because a person merits “sechar pesios” a reward for walking to Shul to pray and the more steps a person takes to arrive at Shul the greater the reward. But it has to be said that a person has no obligation to take a walk to Shul within his town that is longer than 72 minutes.

However when the nearest Shul is the one that has the greater number of people davaning there, then it is better and more of a Mitzvah to pray there.

  • Rav Shlomo Zalman Auerbach zt”l writes that even though it is a Mitzvah to davan at the more distant Shul, nevertheless when one arrives at the Shul itself, he should always come into the Shul building through the nearest entrance, to demonstrate his desire to be in a hurry to serve his Master, Hashem.