A New Look For Yeshurun

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We Are Coming Out of Lockdown


On the 17 March 2020 we took the difficult and unprecedented decision to close the shul in order to protect the Yeshurun family.

Since lockdown we are pleased to say that initiatives were immediately put in place to assist members that required help, ranging from daily shopping to picking up prescriptions. 

Unfortunately, over the past few months a number of members or their relations have passed away to whom we offer our heartfelt condolences.  Our lives have changed, whether our working day or just being able to leave our homes freely without any concerns.

As the country starts to get back to some normality (whatever that might be); places of worship have been given guidelines and conditions for reopening.  We have been working hard for some time to ensure the safety of our members when the shul reopens.  You will have seen from our 25 June letter setting out some of the plans and requirements that we have been following public health specialist’s advice.  We want to make coming back to shul as safe as possible.  Whilst we have made every effort to reduce the risk to members of catching the virus from others,… read more