Ladies Pirkei Avot Siyum – 20th July

Be a part of the ladies Pirkei Avot learning program. Sign up here. Siyum will be held @ 8pm on Shabbat 20th July at an Edgware venue. To attend email, tickets £5 payable below.


Tikun Leil Shavuot

Join us for a full Tikun Leil program on the first night of Shavuot

Break between all shiurim and refreshments available throughout the night!

11:55 – 12:45 YED Talks – an interesting and eclectic mix of 10-minute talks for the whole kehilla to enjoy Karen Dworkin: Schmoozing about snoozing:a ‘z’ to ‘z’ walk through sleep in Judaism & science Stephen Haffner: Are we all dying to die on Yom Kippur? Elissa Bayer: What more would we like to know about the women in tanach Yehudit Gordon: King David: our king of comfort Andrew Leigh: Topical theme 12:50 – 01:20 R. Aharon Herskovit What we learn from the Shavuot sacrifice 01:25 – 02:05 R. Chaim Gross Can’t we just go to sleep and enjoy our Yom Tov ? 02:15 – 03:05 R. Alan Lewis or Contemporary halachic issues R. Benji Landau Charoses: A sign of slavery or freedom 03:15 Shacharit