Mazzal Tovs Archives (Births): March 2018

Mazal tov to Rabbi & Mrs Julian Shindler

Mazal tov to Rabbi and Mrs Julian Shindler on the birth of a grandson Yanai Immanuel to Noam and Rivka Levy (nee Shindler) in Israel

Mazal tov Lawrence & Ruth Simberg

Mazal tov Lawrence and Ruth Simberg on the birth of another great granddaughter, a daughter to Naomi and Richard Simmons and a granddaughter to Raymond and Rachelle Antian

Mazal tov to Rochelle & Mark Goldwater

Mazal tovĀ to Rochelle and Mark Goldwater on the birth of a granddaughter, to the proud parents Elisheva and Shimon Goldwater and a sister for Bracha, Yehuda and Yael

Mazal tov to Frankie & Tony Branson

Mazal tov to Frankie and Tony Branson on the birth of their first Great Grandchild, a son to Hannah and Ezra Cohen.