Mazzal Tovs Archives (Births): November 2017

Mazal tov to Susie & Michael Kleiman

Mazal tov to Susie and Michael Kleiman on the birth of a grandson, a son to Hannah and Joni Kleiman

Mazal tov to Elissa & Max Bayer

Mazal tov to Elissa and Max Bayer on the birth of a granddaughter, a daughter to Katie and Shmulik Shurkin and a sister to Natan, and a great granddaughter to Mrs Nettie Bayer.

Mazal tov to Muriel & Philip Rapport

Mazal tov to Muriel and Philip Rapport on the birth of a granddaughter in Jerusalem to parents Nechama and Ben Rapport

Mazal tov to Simone & Eli Baron

Mazal tov to Simone and Eli Baron on the birth of a grandson to parents Alexia and Josh Baron

Mazal tov to Stacey & Richard Taylor

Mazal tov to Stacey and Richard Taylor on the birth of a granddaughter to parents Hadassah and Benji Taylor