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We are a orthodox congregation in Central Edgware, UK, welcoming Jews of all orthodox observance levels.

Constituent of the Federation of Synagogues in the UK.

February 2017
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News Archives: February 2017

Senior Members Afternoon Tea – Wednesday 22nd February

Yeshurun Cares invites senior members to

Afternoon Tea

With live entertainment by Jonny Moses-Son Singing Jazz & Jewish songs

Wednesday 22nd February at 3:00 pm In the Leff Hall, Yeshurun Synagogue

RSVP: Mrs Robyn Deutsch 020 8958 7286 for catering purposes Please let us know if you need help with transport If you have not received an invitation but are free you would be very welcome too – just let Robyn know

Mishpatim / Shekalim (25th February) Learning Shabbat in memory of Dayan Lopian ztl

We are dedicating Shabbat Mishpatim / Shekalim (25th February) as a learning shabbat for the kehilla in memory of the Dayan ztl. The arrangements are as follows: –

Shabbat morning there will be no Hashkama and the main service will begin at 8.45am and we are aiming to finish davening by approximately 10.45am.

There will then be a short kiddush until 11.15am which will be followed by a choice of three parallel shiurim for approximately 20 minutes.

Rabbi Lewis will give a shiur to men and women in the main shul

Rebbetzen Aviva Landau will give a shiur to ladies only in the upstairs hall

Rabbi Landau will give a shiur to men and women in the Beis Hamedrash

This will then be followed in the main shul by a guest speaker until 12.15pm when there will be a delicious cholent and kugel kiddush until 12.40pm when we will daven Mincha.

The Rov’s Gemorrah shiur will be at 5.55pm until shabbat goes out at 6.40pm.

Motzei Shabbat the Yeshurun together with the Kollel Bais Aharon in Edgware invite you to a Malava Malka/ siyum at 8:30pm in the Yeshurun Leff Hall, further details at Malava Malka Siyum In Memory of Dayan Lopian ztl tickets… read more

25th February – Malava Malka / Siyum Hashas In Memory of Dayan Lopian ztl

On Motzei Shabbat 25th February the Yeshurun together with the Kollel Bais Aharon in Edgware are holding a Malava Malka/ Siyum Hashas in the Leff Hall, in memory of Dayan Lopian ztl.

Tickets will need to be purchased in advance for catering purposes. Please see details and booking information below.