Mazzal Tovs Archives (Weddings): January 2016

Mazeltov to the Zeidman family

Mazeltov to HH Judge Martyn & Verity Zeidman and David & Frances Stone on Annette & Benny’s forthcoming marriage

Mazeltov to the Marsdens

Mazeltov to Miriam and Andy Marsden on Aimee’s marriage to Refoel Sandler on Monday 18th January.

Mazeltov to Jennifer and Ellis

Mazeltov to Ellis and Jennifer Paul on Benjamin and Sivan’s forthcoming marriage

MAZELTOV to Frankie and Tony Branston

MAZELTOV to Frankie and Tony Branston on the marriage in Israel last week of their granddaughter, Talya Portnoi, daughter of Emma and Stephen to Josh Richman, son of Suzy and Colin of Edgware.