Hilchos Netilas Yodayim – 29/01/2016

SHABBAT Mishpatim / Avos Ubonim Shabbos

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Oneg Mishpatim

We are pleased to announce that on Shabbos P’Mishpotim the boys who attend Yeshurun’s Avos Ubonim will be honoured in shul for their commitment to Torah learning.  All the boys will give a dvar Torah which they have prepared with their Dads, and they will lead the kehillah in Anim Z’miros and Adon Olam, after which they will be special guests in the Kiddush in the Left Hall.

We are especially pleased to be holding this event on the weekend of the yahrzeit of  Dayan Lopian z”tz’l, in the knowledge that the Ahavas Torah of the boys would have given him such pleasure. Thanks goes to Seth Belson for organising this.

SHABBAT commences 4.42pm


Followed by a short Chumash Shiur


MAIN SERVICE 9.00am Kiddush after the service

Kiddush after the service for Shabbat Mevorachin given by Katherine & Alan Finlay’s celebrating their 35th Wedding Anniversary

YAM SERVICE – (Upstairs Hall) 9.15am

MINCHAH 4.40pm followed by the Rabbi’s Gemara Shiur

SHABBAT terminates 5.48pm

Mazeltov to the Zeidman family

Mazeltov to HH Judge Martyn & Verity Zeidman and David & Frances Stone on Annette & Benny’s forthcoming marriage

Hichos Tevilas Kailim 9 – 28/01/2016

Davaning in English – 28/01/2016

The best way to davan is in Loshon Hakodesh (our holy Hebrew language). For one who davans in Loshon Hakodesh fulfils his or her obligation of daily prayer even if they do not understand each and every word. It is only the first verse of the Shema that a person is required to know the meaning of the words. However for one who finds it difficult to davan in Loshon Hakodesh it is better that they pray in the language that they understand since the whole purpose of prayer is to pray with sincerity. Interestingly Rabbi Moishe Sternbuch writes that for those of us who davan in English the best practice is not to use the name of Hashem “Lord” since this is not a proper name for Hashem. In fact it is more appropriate to say and refer to Hashem’s name in Loshon Hakodesh as one proceeds through his praying in English.

Condolences to Anne Fleischmann

We regret to inform you of the passing of Michael Kesztenbaum, z”l, the brother of Anne Fleischmann. The funeral will be held in the Modiin cemetery (Israel) at 10:30 tomorrow (Friday 29/01/2016). Shiva from 29/01 until 04/02/2016.

Mazeltov to the Sandground family

Mazeltov to  Sheryl and Richard Sandground on the birth of a  Granddaughter. Mazeltov to the parents Esther and Daniel Sandground.

Mazeltov to the Bernstein family

Mazeltov to Sara and Jonathan Bernstein on the Batmitzvah of Naomi on Shabat Yitro (30/01).


Hilchos Tevilas Kailim 8 27/01/2016

Hilchos Tevilas Kailim 7 – ‏ 26/01/2016