Hilchos Middos 2 – 25/12/2015

Middos To Be Avoided – 24/12/2015

Halochos of children in Shul – 24/12/2015

1.) The practice within the worldwide Jewish community is to bring children to Shul. One should teach children to kiss the sefer Torah in order that they should have enthusiasm to do Mitzvos. A father should ensure as much as possible that he stands and sits next to his children in order that his children should know how to behave in Shul. This means a child should be aware of the awe and respect that his parents demonstrate when attending Shul.

2.) It is better that really small children, who run around and play games, should not come to Shul. This is because we don’t want this sort of behaviour to be that which is commonly associated with Shul, as well as it becoming a troublesome disturbance for people while they are davaning.

Dani Colletts is engaged

Mazaltov to Cheryl and Ian Colletts on the engagement of their daughter Dani  to Akiva Athersych, son of Tzippy Drucker (Hendon)