Hilchos Tefilah – 20/12/2015

1.) Women have an obligation, according to the majority of Poskim (Halachic Authorities), to davan

the Shmoneh Esrai the Amidah for Shacharis and Mincha. It is also correct that women should accept upon themselves the “yoke of the Kingdom of Heaven”

by reciting at the very least the first possuk (verse) of the Shema.

2.) A woman who is not able to davan the Amidah of Shacharis is obliged in praying a short prayer in the morning

near to the time of getting up, which should include praise, pleading and thanksgiving to Hashem.

According to the commentator on the Shulchan Oruch, the Mogain Avrohom, this short prayer can suffice with

just reciting morning berochos or just birchas Hatorah or even in really pressing circumstances Birchas Hamazon  i,e,”Benching”.

Hilchos Sifrei Kodesh 20.12.2015