Wednesday Night Shiur at the Yeshurun – Contempory Halachic Issues We are delighted to advise the kehilla (men and women) that we are looking to launch our winter programme of weekly shiurim.  Those of you that attended the Shabbat UK dinner will be aware of an additional Wednesday night shiur on Contemporary Halachic issues given by Rabbi Benjy Gordon from Aish We ask you to please register your interest by emailing adamtash@gmail.com as soon as possible Learn ‘n’ Leyn Shabbos – Tetzaveh (20 February 2016) We are pleased to advise that there will be a Learn ‘n’ Leyn (L&L) Shabbos on Parshas Tetzaveh (20 February 2016). Leyning a whole sedra is obviously a tall order for most of us; we have decided to split up a sedra and ask for volunteers to come forward and learn a parsha over the next 15 weeks. There will be help at hand from Rabbi Lewis who will listen and assist those members who volunteer.  Please let the HOs know as soon as possible if you would like to partake. For further details please speak to Rabbi Lewis or the HOs Ladies One to One Learning with Rebbetzin Miriam Lewis Hebrew reading, Davening, Chumish and Rashi For further details please speak to the Rebbetzin Birthday… read more