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September 2015
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YAM – Chatanim and Eishet Chayil

YAM – Chatanim and Eishet Chayil


The Honorary Officer Team are delighted to advise the Kehilla that YAM have chosen their first Chatanim and Eishet Chayil.


We wish Mazel Tov to Mordechai Gedalla (Chatan Torah), Adam Boxer (Chatan Bereshit) and Danielle Gedalla (Eishet Chayil) on their honour and thank them for all their help and assistance with YAM.


YAM is the Yeshurun’s young adults and professionals minyan which has been attracting over 60 people from all over Edgware and beyond.  We look forward to the minyan going from strength to strength.

Arba Minim Sale details

Succot, arba minim will be on sale in Yeshurun starting this Monday evening and continuing after Yom Kippur.  Full mehudar sets will be available as well as succah decorations.  

Opening Hours

Mon. 21 Sep. 19.00-21.00

Motsei Y”K 23 Sep. 21.30-24.00

Thur. 24 Sep. 09.00-23.30

Fri. 25 Sep. 09.00-15.00

Motsei Shabbos 21.00-24.00

Sun. Erev Succos 08.00-15.30



shaken not stirred

Estelle Brown’s sister, Hannah Rosenberg has passed away

We regret to inform you that Hannah Rosenberg (sister of Estelle Brown) has passed away. Levaya THURSDAY 17TH  SEPT 2015 at approximately 5PM, Addass Cemetery, Silver St. EN7 5JE. The Shiva will be at the following times:-8.15 pm Maariv this evening (Thursday 17th) 7.30 am Shacharis Friday/Sunday/Monday/Tuesday 6.30 pm Minchah Sunday & Monday 8.15 pm Maariv Sunday 7 Monday The Shiva terminates on Tuesday morning

Condolences to the family.


Yam Service for Rosh Hashanah


Mazaltov to the Sandgrounds

Mazaltov to Cheryl and Richard Sandground on the engagement of their son Benjamin to Carly Perlman of Gants Hill


This Shabbat – Ki Tavo marks the return to Winter time services – the main service starting at 9.00 and Haskamah at 7.45. Please note the schedule for Selichot services as from Sunday morning.

A Barmizvah this Shabbat

Mazeltov to proud Grandparents Patricia and Brian Shaer on their Grandson’s Barmitzvah -Freddie Brodin – Mazaltov to the parents Robbie & Darren.

Seuda Shlishit this Shabbat

There will be a Seuda Shlishit this coming Shabbat afternoon, after Mincha.  Details are set out below.

The guest speaker will be Rabbi Shalom Myers from Ohr Sameach, and more recently the founder of Emek Lone Soldiers in Jerusalem.  Rabbi Myers will be joined by Aaron Oppenheimer from the IDF.

Because of the seudah, Mincha will start earlier at 7.00pm (preceded by the Rabbi’s Gemara Shiur at 6.15pm).   Maariv will be at 8.27pm.

The seudah is kindly sponsored by Daniel Sandground.