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July 2015
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News Archives: July 2015

HAT SALE Wednesday 2nd September Time: 7:30pm – 9:30pm

YESHURUN  HAT SALE – click on link below

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Election of Honorary Officers

Nominations for the four Honorary Officer positions has passed. Yeshurun will not need to have an EGM with elections and the following positions have been filled accordingly:-


President – Position not filled


Warden – Jeremy Fisher


Warden – Adam Tash


Financial representative – Ben Mire


Halochos for this Tisha Bov

A selection of Halochos for when Tisha Bov falls out to be on Shabbos and Sunday.


One should not walk for pleasure during this Shabbos. One does not say Pirkei Avos at Shabbos Mincha. After midday on Shabbos one may learn tora but it is preferable to only study those things which pertain to Tisha Bov. It is permitted to eat meat and drink wine for the third meal on Shabbos before the fast begins at 8.59pm. There is no Seudas Hamafsekes this year (the last meal before the fast begins). One should not do wash themselves from 8.59pm onwards. Sitting on the ground and wearing of non-leather shoes should not take place until Shabbos goes out at 9.59pm. After Shabbos has gone out and before one changes his shoes one should say the following words “Boruch hamavdil ben hakodesh lechol” (Blessed is the One who separates between that which is sanctified to that which is unholy). Before reciting Eicha, the brocho of borai meorai ha’aish is made over a candle, and anyone who does not go to shul for Eicha should recite this blessing at home over a candle, as long as this is after Shabbos has gone… read more

Adam Goodman is engaged

Mazaltov to Zoe and Peter Goodman on the engagement of their son Adam Goodman who has got engaged to Ashley Warner. Mazaltov to Ashley’s parents Lisa and Clifford Warner.

Tisha B’av 5775 Timetable and arrangements…

Shabbos afternoon Mincha at 5.30pm Seuda Hamfsekes to finish by 8.59pm / fast commences Shabbos Terminates at 9.58pm Maariv. followed by Eicho 10:15pm


Sunday morning Shacharis – one minyan at 9am, to finish by noon 1st Mincha at 1.45pm Tisha B’av afternoon programme , commencing at 5.30pm.  The Holocaust Education Trust has arranged for us to host a Holocaust survivor, Joan Salter, who will be speaking to the community – There will be an opportunity for a Q&A at the end of her session.  No charge but there will be an opportunity to make a donation to the Holocaust Education Trust. 2nd Mincha followed by Maariv at 7.30pm Ladies Tehillim in the shul hall at 7.30pm Fast terminates at 9:50pm 

Joan Salter Joan was born Fanny Zimetbaum in Brussels, Belgium on 15th February 1940. She lived with her parents, who were both originally from Poland, and her older half-sister, Lilane. When Joan was three months old, her father was arrested to be deported and was held in a prison in France for six months. He was then put on a train to be sent to the East. He managed to jump off the train near Paris and escape. Although… read more

Shabbat Chazzak

Lawrence and Hilary Corney are marking their last Shabbat at Yeshurun before they go on Aliyah.

They are sharing the Kiddush with the Kleiman family.

Susie and Michael Kleiman are celebrating the Aufruth of their son Joni who is getting married to Hannah Cohen on August 2nd.

Mazeltov to Hannah’s Parents : Elliot and Susan Cohen (from Manchester).

Rabbi Sandler speaks at Seuda Shlishit this Shabbat, 11 July

All welcome to the Seuda between Mincha and Maariv, organised by the Ladies Guild.

Mincha will be 8.45 pm, followed by the Seuda with guest speaker Rabbi Sandler.’

Mazaltov to the Fleischmans

Mazal tov to Anne and Alex FLeischman on the engagement of their daughter Sophie to Ryan Tucker.

Another Yeshurun Engagement

Mazal tov on the Engagement of Natasha,daughter of Deborah and Robert Eisner to Joseph son of Lorraine and David Harris (both families are yeshurun members).

A Grandson

Mazaltov to Evelyn and Sydney Sunshine on the birth of a grandson born to Shelly & Daniel, a brother for Uriel.